Words Matter

Do you suffer from writer's block or need a creativity boost?

Your day will be saved by our team of writers and editors!
Allow us to turn your research into high-quality creations.

Start From Scratch


Does writer's block have your head spinning? Do you have ideas, but not sure how to organize them? We can assist! Let SVAS transform your thoughts into masterful creations.


Editing & Proofreading

Do you require a second pair of eyes to review your final project? Allow us to proofread your work for spelling, grammar, syntax, and other issues.



Does your content need a little extra "spice"? Take advantage of our print and project design services. It doesn't matter if it's a company handbook or restaurant menu - we do it all!



Allow us to do the heavy lifting so you don't have to lift a pen.

Line Editing


We'll focus on your manuscript's flow, style, and readability.



A rapid solution to document your audio recordings.



“Did You Hear?”
  • Estimate will provided per project/page.
  • Audio

Blog Posts

“Say What?'”
$90 & Up
  • Pricing based on word count, volume, and content requirements.
  • 300 words - $90
  • 400 words - $120
  • 500 words - $150
  • 600 words - $180
  • 1000 words - $300
  • 1500 words - $450
  • 2000 words - $600

Brand Copywriting

“Extra! Extra!”
$150& Up
  • An accurate quote will be given upon receiving all materials.
  • Sales Copywriting - $300 - $500
  • Product Description Copywriting - $150 - $325
  • Web Content (Home, About Us, Services pages) - $300 - $600
  • Landing Page - $500 - $1000

Press Releases

“Make A Statement”
$300& Up
  • Pricing based on word count, volume, and content requirements.
  • Events
  • Book Releases
  • Product Releases
  • New Businesses
  • Partnerships
  • Rebranding
  • Awards


“What's Happening?'”
$50 & Up
  • Pricing based on word count, research, and content requirements.
  • Opinion
  • Reviews
  • Columns
  • Feature Writing


“Make A Statement”
$200& Up
  • Design only. Does not include printing.
  • Bi-Fold (Horizontal or Vertical)
  • Tri-Fold
  • Z-Fold
  • Gate Fold


“All About You!”
$249& Up
  • An accurate quote will be given upon receiving all information.
  • Short bio (Max. 250 words) - $249
  • Full bio (Max. 500 words) - $395
  • Company Profile (Max. 1,000 words) - $649


“Did You Hear?”
$250 & Up
  • Includes research
  • Non-fiction
  • Business
  • Lifestyle
  • Food
  • Product review
  • How-To
  • Educational


“Get Stylish”
$40+ Hourly
  • Total will be determined by size of project.
  • Fiction - $40/hr
  • Non-fiction - $45/hr
  • Business/Sales - $50/hr

Copy Editing

"Smooth Transition”
$45+ Hourly
  • Total will be determined by size of project.
  • Fiction - $45/hr
  • Non-Fiction - $50/hr
  • Business/Sales - $55/hr

Content Editing

“Get Structured”
  • Total will be determined by size of project.
  • Fiction - $50/hr
  • Non-fiction - $55
  • Business/Sales - $60

Line Editing

“Line By Line'”
  • Total will be determined by size of project.

Curriculum Design

“Content Matters'”
$65+ Hourly
  • Total will be determined by size of project.
  • Subject-centered
  • Learner-centered
  • Problem-centered


“Be Seen”
$200 & Up
  • * Draft only. Research & submission not included.*
  • Solicited
  • Internal
  • External


“Get Creative”
$Total will be determined by size of project.
  • Action-Adventure
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy


“Get Real”
$Total will be determined by size of project.
  • Books
  • Speeches
  • Essays
  • Articles

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Jessica M.

Short Term Rental Guest

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Mon Petit Coeur

“The services offered by this knowledgeable entrepreneur is not only personalized but detailed and served with professionalism. She has amassed a network within various industries to leverage information to meet the needs of her clients. Each client can expect that all projects will be matched with exceptional organizational and communication skills. The scale of the project does not matter, each met with the same level of dedication and delivery.”

Norine M.

Owner, Mon Petit Coeur
The Peli Firm Logo

“Latoya’s work ethics speak for itself! Latoya is extremely intelligent, passionate, hardworking, and reliable. There is no project big enough that Latoya cannot handle. She is a dream to work with. She analyzes, perfects, executes, and always meets her deadlines!! Every C.E.O excites themselves to know that they can have a young professional on their team like Latoya! Some people struggle, Latoya flourishes!!”

Kenford P.

CEO, The Peli Firm

“Latoya Stiggers is one of the most professional experts I’ve had the opportunity to work with. She is direct, understanding, and very skillful in all aspects of completing a project. Latoya takes her responsibility seriously and creates a very comfortable atmosphere with communication and very brilliant presentations. She is also very dedicated to making your company’s ideas a reality.”

Antonio E.

Owner, FullyPrivilege
Scott's Homestyle Cooking

“It is a pleasure working with Latoya! She is professional, creative and has excellent attention to detail. She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise and is extremely helpful. I definitely recommend her. You won’t be disappointed!”

Stephanie S.

Co-Owner, Scott's Homestyle Cooking & Catering
The Voice of Black Cincinnati

“Latoya is dependable and creative. She works her magic whether it’s a small entertainment piece or data research.”

Marissa S.

Writer, The Voice of Black Cincinnati
ICN Logo

“Here at Impact Change NOW we expect nothing but the best. Latoya has been absolutely outstanding to work with and she knows her stuff. I recommend her services to all.”

Seron B.

Founder, Impact Change Now
Dre Shot This

“I was very pleased with the services provided by Latoya – she exceeded my expectations when I received my bio. When clients visit my website, one of the things they always mention is how well-written my bio is. I would definitely recommend her to anyone investing in their brand, book, website, or company.

DeAndre F.

Owner, Dre Shot This Photography
Faith Temple Ministries

“Latoya Stiggers has been a member of our church for several years. She has worked on both the planning and steering committees and she also works with our youth department. Her work in community outreach is phenomenal. She has been a personal assistant to the Pastor, typing, making contracts, visitations, hospitality, and missionary duties. Overall, Latoya has been a notable asset to Faith Temple and we are blessed to have her.”

Bishop J. Spencer

Faith Temple Ministries

“Latoya’s ability to keep a team on target is nothing short of incredible. She has proven to be an absolutely indispensable asset in our organization’s success.”

Marcus B.

Lead Developer/Billboard-charting Music Producer, OG Interactive
Things to consider...

If you’re unsure as to your needs, please complete schedule your complimentary 15-minute Consultation so that we can evaluate your needs together. Then, we’ll work together to choose the right package (and add-ons where applicable) that match your objectives and desired outcome.

…while choosing your package


Think of your opportunity costs. The more time that you, as a business owner, spend on performing administrative tasks is less time that you have focused on growing your business.


SVAS strives to provide professional and timely services. After an agreement is formed and a business relationship is established, services will begin following our on-boarding consultation.  If changes are desired, SVAS will be available to discuss any applicable updates.


Tailor your package with add-ons to add extra value and to fit your specific needs. A la Carte services are valid for the one specified service only. Hours may not be split nor applied for other services/packages.


Should you desire to get in touch with me to discuss your project, please first submit a ticket here. If the matter is urgent, schedule a time for us to talk here.


As a Matter Of Course, Accounts are billed on a Monthly basis and is non-refundable once paid. However, if you would like to cancel your services (within the 30-day period), submit a ticket detailing the issue for review. Each Account will be reviewed on a case by case basis.


You’re probably already overwhelmed so there’s no point in making your life any more complicated. Here are some FAQs for your review. If you’re a Client and have a question regarding an ongoing assignment, please submit a ticket.