Creating With Us

If you’re in search of Custom Designs that are created from scratch, or creating your Branding Package, you’ve arrived in the right place. We offer a wide range of budget-friendly Services to suit your creative vision. We can also help you with your Promotional Videos.
Answer a few questions and let us begin your project.

Promotional Video

Different platforms have different allowances and requirements.
Please specify which Platform on your questionnaire.

** Important Note **
Please specify whether you want sound or no sound.
If there will be sound, provide clip – royalty free. We aren’t responsible for copyright infringement.

Facebook - Max 240 secondsTwitter - Max 140 secondsInstagram Story - Max 15 secondsInstagram Feed - Max 60 secondsPinterest - Max 15 secondsLinkedin - Max 30 secondsLanding Page - Max 240 secondsWebsite - Max 240 seconds

It is important to let us know how your designs will be used when submitting your projects!

Meaning:  Should you decide to include stock elements from our library, elements available for public use, we will drill down to ensure they are licensed accordingly so that you may use them as the end-user (i.e. not for resale).  If your needs include Creatives you intend to resell, we will deliver completely custom designs.

Submitting your project: Tell us exactly what you need to have designed by completing our questionnaire.

Revisions: Choose any Creative from the 3-5 options provided. Proceed with 3-5 revisions until you are satisfied.  Approve the final rendering to receive your completed Creative along with the source files.

Ownership: You own 100% of your designs.

Note: Should you send us unlicensed materials to use, we will not be held responsible for the Rights available for the final design.

For the best results, include the following specifications with every project request: Size, Orientation (vertical or horizontal), Format (print or digital), Preferred or Brand Colors, Inspiration Designs, and Text Copy. The more descriptive you can be, the fewer revisions will be required.

Note: We operate under the presumption materials you provide to us are licensed and owned by you. Should you send us unlicensed materials for inclusion in the project, we will not be held liable for the Rights available for the final design.