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After Booking your package, an on-boarding consultation will be scheduled.

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Choosing Your Package

If you're unsure as to your needs, please complete our Free Analysis Form.  Once your clearer on the services you're interested in, schedule your free 30-minute consultation here so we can evaluate your needs together. Then, we’ll work together to choose the right package (and add-ons where applicable) that match your objectives and desired outcome.


A la Carte services are valid for the one specified service only. Hours may not be split nor applied for other services/packages.

A la Carte Services

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SVAS is an experienced provider of multiple services. It does not matter if SVAS is working with a small business owner or a high profile client, SVAS strives to operate with high standards and efficiency.


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You won't have to worry about going days and weeks without a response.


If you'd like to make changes to your plan, please submit a ticket here


SVAS strives to provide professional and timely services. After an agreement is formed and a business relationship is established, services will begin following our on-boarding consultation. If changes are desired, SVAS will be available to discuss any applicable updates.


Friendly support

No need for either of us to be unkind, that's just not how a team works.

Should you desire to get in touch with me to discuss your project, please first submit a ticket here.  If the matter is urgent, schedule a time for us to talk here.


As a Matter Of Course, Accounts are billed on a Monthly basis and is non-refundable once paid.  However, if you would like to cancel your services (within the 30-day period), submit a ticket detailing the issue for review.  Each Account will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Full Refund Policy

Result driven

The benefits of having me as your virtual assistant is that it will take the burden off your shoulders and put it squarely on mine! Simply put – I am your breath of fresh air!

Your success is my priority.


You’re probably already overwhelmed, so there’s no point in making your life any more complicated. Here are some FAQs for your review.  For any additional questions, please submit a ticket here


Clients will get their deliverables via their preferred method. (email, file sharing, etc.)


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For general inquiries, technical issues or billing questions, please email

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