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The Basics

Administrative Support

Wouldn’t you rather spend your time running your business instead of on those daunting tasks? Perhaps you are looking to streamline your business’s processes to increase its productivity. I can help! I offer a wide range of services that will aid your business to ensure that it runs smoothly.

Day to Day

Project Management

Do you have a project that could use some organizational assistance? SVAS can help you achieve your project's objectives. You focus on your business, let SVAS take care of the rest!

Client Acquisition

Marketing Support

Marketing is crucial for all businesses. Sometimes you may find yourself short on time. Let me help bridge the gap!

For Those Who Want It All

Advanced VA Support

The hustle and bustle of running a business can be overwhelming. Perhaps you’ve previewed my previous services and thought to yourself, “I need all of that!” no worries! Stiggers Virtual Assisting Services offers a variety of comprehensive solutions to meet your needs.

Go Live

Website Development

When it comes to building your website, Content Development is the most important piece of the pie. A strong foundation will properly position you to take your website to the heights you desire.

Set Up

After Booking your package, an on-boarding consultation will be scheduled.

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Choosing Your Package

If you're unsure as to your needs, please complete our Free Analysis Form.  Once your clearer on the services you're interested in, schedule your free 30-minute consultation here so we can evaluate your needs together. Then, we’ll work together to choose the right package (and add-ons where applicable) that match your objectives and desired outcome.


A la Carte services are valid for the one specified service only. Hours may not be split nor applied for other services/packages.

A la Carte Services

Easy to customize

Services up to 5 hours

Services up to 10 hours

Services up to 20 hours

Services up to 40 hours

Optimized for business

Many business owners struggle on a day-to-day basis because they just don’t have the time to perform certain tasks. With SVAS’s services, you have the piece of mind knowing that your business will run smoothly – even while you sleep!

Tailor your package with add-ons to add extra value and to fit your specific needs.

Schedule with ease via my online booking calendar or by phone.

Receive your items with your preferred method. (Email, Dropbox, etc.)

Evolution & Growth

Proof of Concept

Think of your opportunity costs. The more time that you, as a business owner, spend on performing administrative tasks is less time that you have focusing on growing your business.

Return On Investment

Check Out My Projects.

Submit A Ticket

For general inquiries, technical issues or billing questions, please email

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Schedule A Meeting

Have you already decided what you'd like assistance with? Schedule a consultation or book your service today!